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Insurance in Florida You Can Count On!

  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

The JW Insurance Group of Florida can help you protect your most valuable investment with customized policies to fit your needs and budget. We work with 30+ Home Companies to bring you the best rates and you can lower your premium even more with the discounts. We can help you find the perfect home insurance tailored specifically to your needs!

Home Insurance Partners

    • American Integrity
    • Ark Royal/ASI
    • Citizens
    • Federated National
    • Florida Peninsula
    • Gulfstream
    • Olympus
    • Sawgrass
    • Security First
    • St. Johns
    • TowerHll
    • Universal
    • and more...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Get a Florida Home Insurance Quote today to start saving money, while having the piece of mind knowing you and your loved one are protecte.!

For most, their car is your lifeline, especially in Florida with limited Public Transportation. The JW Insurance Group of Florida can help protect yourself and your financial investment! We will help you get the best auto insurance rates and help you apply for discounts!

Motorcycle Insurance

Florida has a lot more motorcycles on the road than most other states, and whether you have been riding for many years or just a few days... Read more.

Boat Insurance

Living in Florida affords us to be out on the water year round in many places, whether you’re out on your Boat, Cruiser, or Jet Ski make sure you have insurance and are covered!

RV Insurance

RV Insurance Coverage in Florida is very similar to Auto Insurance Coverage you have Coverage for Collision, Property Damage, and coverage for Personal Valuables. Read more.


Term Life Insurance is the best and most affordable way to protect the ones you love. There are many options to choose from, and most cases rates start at under $15 a month. We work with 35+ Life Insurance Companies so we are confident that we can bring you the best available to you. However, you may want another type of life insurance as well.

Florida Life Insurance

There are several types of life insurance that can help you protect you and your family!

Get a Life Insurance Quote

Get a Quote on Life Insurance today!



Florida Health Insurance

Health Insurance is designed to protect you from incurring unforeseen medical expenses, which could leave many people bankrupt. Florida Health Plans also are designed to help with preventive care. There are many plan types and options out there. JW Insurance Group can customize policies to fit your needs and budget. We work with many Health Insurance companies to bring you the best rates, and can also help you find florida home insurance discounts!

The Importance of Insurance

Insurance helps you and your family maintain financial stability and protect your assets in the event of a loss.  You transfer the risk associated with a loss to an insurance company in the event you become sick, disabled, injured or pass away.  Without insurance you and your family may suffer serious consequences such as having to rely on a single income, not being able to support or put your children through college, or even being sued.  Insurance allows you to transfer that responsibility for these type of risks and losses to an Insurance Company to protect you and your assets. The JW Insurance Group can help you get a custom Florida insurance policy, where each policy comes with your own agent.

Reputable Insurance Agent

Having a good agent is one thing, but another thing you want be sure of is you are being insured by a reputable company that is admitted in State of Florida.  To check out the Financial Stability ratings of Florida Insurance companies go to the link below. 

Click here to find out about DemoTech - www.demotech.com

Florida Insurance Discounts

The JW Insurance Group  prides itself on our ability to please our clients, and this includes helping them find insurance discounts that they may quality for throughout Florida. We can help you find discounts on insurance on all different types, so please feel to call us directly or send us an email to talk to us directly.

Our Partner Florida Insurance Companies 

We work with many companies and are job is to get you the best coverage at the right price.  Florida insurance rates are fixed by law and you can’t find lower rates anywhere else with the companies we work with.  We will insure you are not overpaying or paying for coverage you do not need.  Be sure to ask your agents what discounts that you qualify for.

Self Service Insurance, Florida

If you need insurance right now, we have a Self Service Insurance portal where you can get approved in minutes, and print your documents right away! Click here for  Florida Self Service insurance. Just follow the links to whatever type of insurance you are looking for, and you can get what you are looking for right away.  Following the purchase of your new insurance, one of our agents will contact you to make sure the process went smoothly and to see if we can provide additional help.

Get Self Service Insurance Now!

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